FORWINGO is an international platform for talent competition videos, offering a diverse array of contests that adhere to legal standards. We recognize that each individual possesses a unique mind, abilities, and creativity. As a talent competition video publisher, we provide a platform for a broad spectrum of intelligent and talented competition creators and participants to showcase their skills and monetize their talents.

At FORWINGO, any user can design one or more competitions and invite others to join and take on their challenges. To create a new competition, you must:

- Record a video explaining the nature of your competition and its terms and conditions.

- Set a registration period for users to enter your competition.

- Establish a timeframe for registered participants to complete the competition.

- Specify an entry fee for your competition.

- Determine a prize amount for the winner.

It's important to note that all competitions must comply with the following terms:

- You must not be barred from receiving any aspect of our service under applicable laws or engaging in payment-related services if you are on a denied party listing.

- Your content must not include hate speech, violent or inhumane behavior, criminal or illegal acts, harm to animals, fraud, pornography, sexually explicit material, frontal nudity, money laundering, or any other offensive or objectionable content.

- You must not disclose other users' personal information.

Violations of these terms will result in the removal of the competition and a warning issued to the creator. Accumulating three warnings will lead to account suspension.

For more information, please refer to our Terms of Use, Data Policy, and FAQ. We also clarify that Apple is not a sponsor of any competitions on FORWINGO.

Once a competition is live, all FORWINGO users can view it in the Game List, register within the specified timeframe, and submit their competition videos before the deadline. Videos are displayed in the Participants Tab and ranked by the number of likes received. The top video with the MOST LIKES within 48 hours after the deadline will be considered for the winning entry.

Competition creators have the option to extend the deadline up to three times. If a winner is not declared after these extensions, FORWINGO reserves the right to select and announce the winner.

Editing videos or using cinematic tricks is considered fraud and will result in disqualification. Users found guilty of fraud three times will be permanently banned from FORWINGO.

FORWINGO is a platform where the smart and talented can create and promote challenging competitions, earn money safely, and win prizes based on their abilities and talents, unlike chance-based betting games.

If you're talented, join us at FORWINGO.
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