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FORWINGO UG (limited liability) is a German-based company that operates an international platform for talent competition videos, offering a diverse range of contests within the legal framework under the brand FORWINGO. Registered under the number HRB 122040, our company was established in 2020 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

We provide a platform for a wide array of intelligent and talented competition creators and participants to showcase their skills and earn revenue. We place significant emphasis on adhering to policies and guidelines, with a particular focus on user protection, data security, and the integrity of financial transactions.

Our Research & Development department is dedicated to the continuous enhancement of our proprietary software, ensuring it meets the latest standards and provides our users with a unique, creative, and high-caliber competitive experience.

Thanks to this commitment, we have rapidly acquired a substantial clientele. Our growth strategy prioritizes the meticulous care and support of our users.

Our support team and the bookmaker department, which oversees both competition creators and participants, are always on standby to address user inquiries and desires promptly, offering immediate assistance.
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